• Jelonek – Jelonek (2007)


    All the way from Poland today we get Jelonek, the ‘side project’ from violinist Michal Jelonek of Hunter fame. The music of this band is another attempt at fusing classical music with metal/rock elements and create an enjoyable mixture of the two genres while not sounding overly ordinary. Comparisons to Apocalyptica, Elend, Agizia and Ulytau come immediately to our heads but Jelonek easily stands out and cannot be called a cheap clone of these bands.

    With no vocals, Jelonek’s self-titled debut album manages to immerse the listener into the beauty of classical music paired with (sometimes) powerful drumming and distorted guitar. This band is different to Apocalyptica in the sense that it approaches music more ‘classically’ then them but at sometimes they sound just like them (i.e. “Machinehat”).

  • Jewish Juice – Hidden Into Rotten… With a Black Flame of Light (2007)


    Hailing from Italy we have Jewish Juice. This Italian band plays a mean combination of Trash/Death and Black Metal. “Hidden Into Rotten” is the band’s second release and shows signs of a good band that needs to mature a little bit. The album mixes 3 very chaotic tracks with two tracks that are very solid, showing the band’s future potential.

    The band’s musical style needs to be refined a bit more since the combination of genres is sometimes annoying since there are several Death metal oriented tracks mixed with Black Metal songs, and we would prefer that those things are either properly combined or just pick one genre. This is usually the problem we find with beginner bands, they want to do many things but they can’t merge them together properly.

  • Flagellation – Incinerate Disintegrate (2007)


    Coming from Sweden we received Flagellation’s EP “Incinerate Disintegrate” and after doing some research on this band we noticed that disbanded back in 2009. We assume the band is trying to re-group and gain momentum again since we got this EP in 2010, if not it’s the first release we ever get from the grave.

    Funny note aside, Flagellation plays Death Metal in a very brutal and stylish way, something that we haven’t heard much in a while, especially since Zyklon disbanded. The band (at the time of the EP recording in 2006) features members from Loch Vostok, Wuthering Heights, as well as many other Swedish bands. Musically, Flagellation was onto something big in 2007 when the EP was released.

  • Hypno5e - Des Deux L'une Est L'autre (2007)


    Hypno5e is a French band that plays avant-garde / experimental metal. I get plenty of albums to review each month and I have not heard anything like this album in quite a while, and I don’t mean this in a bad way “Des Deux L'une Est L'autre” is a very interesting album from start to end.

    Since the first track Hypno5e sets the stage for a psychedelic voyage that the listeners are about to take. This album features a very good balance of ‘heavy’ metal parts with nice ambient passages that complement each other to perfection; the band has achieved a very unique balance of musical elements.

  • Visions Of The Night – Nocturnal Militia (2007)


    If you want brutal, you’ll get brutal, if you want blazing fast guitars, you’ll get blazing fast guitars, if you want monstrous drumming, you also get them. All of these elements and more are packed in “Nocturnal Militia”.  This war and occultism inspired outfit from Canada are here to stay and haunt everybody with their album. This album does not lack energy and brutality in any aspect, the production is crystal clear and the music is like a round of AK-47 shots.

    While the band style is more death metal oriented they have certain elements of black metal that make it an interesting mix of genres. The twelve tracks on this release are enough to keep moshing the whole time. And you will certainly want more.

  • Mutum - Redemption (2007)

    After several vocalists and two demos Mutum released their first full length Redemption, under Asenath Records in 2007. Of all the bands from Mexico that I’ve listened over the years I must say that Mutum is currently one of the best ones in the country.

    The bands musical style could be defined as gothic metal with some power metal and doom metal influences, yeah I know this sounds weird, but let me elaborate.

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