Flagellation – Incinerate Disintegrate (2007)


Coming from Sweden we received Flagellation’s EP “Incinerate Disintegrate” and after doing some research on this band we noticed that disbanded back in 2009. We assume the band is trying to re-group and gain momentum again since we got this EP in 2010, if not it’s the first release we ever get from the grave.

Funny note aside, Flagellation plays Death Metal in a very brutal and stylish way, something that we haven’t heard much in a while, especially since Zyklon disbanded. The band (at the time of the EP recording in 2006) features members from Loch Vostok, Wuthering Heights, as well as many other Swedish bands. Musically, Flagellation was onto something big in 2007 when the EP was released.

Featuring blistering riffs and intricate drumming, “Incinerate Disintegrate” is one of the best releases we have received in quite a while and too bad that the band had to go through periods of hibernation and even splitting up. The music featured in the 4 non-instrumental songs is very well composed and has a great deal of melody behind the brutal assault presented by the furious drumming and guitar lines.

Vocally, this EP is very diverse ranging from growls to clean parts, all of then fitting the music perfectly like a well designed jigsaw puzzle. Flagellation being signed with Last Entertainment productions for this release comes as a shock to us since they could have been on a bigger label.

The only issues that we have with this release are that it’s too short, and that there was some precious time wasted with the intro and outro songs. However, everything else in this EP is brilliant, good music writing abilities, excellent execution and a fresh sound that would have blown away many people back in 2007 and that will surely turn heads around in 2010.

We can only hope that Flagellation re-groups and keeps releasing fresh sounding music and takes the scene by surprise in the coming years. If you like Zyklon and bands with that similar aggressive-yet-melodic approach, then go to Flagellation’s myspace and order yourself a copy of this brilliant EP.

Band: Flagellation Album: Incinerate Disintegrate
Label: Last Entertainment Productions

Release: 2007

Official Site myspace
Genre: Death Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 88/100

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