Silent Descent - Duplicity (2009)

After listening to this album, I had to do more research on the band, and then I found out that they have won a few battle of the bands competitions, and many magazines have been calling phrasing them to no end. Well I can say that they are 100% correct. While it took me a while to really get into their music I have to say: it’s pretty fucking amazing.

They label themselves as trance metal, and I think is not very accurate, but they do play a mean Industrial/melodic death metal. I have to say that their music is original in the sense that they sometimes burst out singing like some cheesy synth pop band, and it blends very well with their overall musical style.

Yeah I thought that I would never find my self saying these words, but I have to admit it sounds pretty sweet.

Some times they remind me of The Project Hate MCMXCIX in some parts, but with better beats and keyboards. While the melodic death metal aspect of this band is pretty standard the complement it to perfection with their heavy synthesizer usage and beats. I have to say that their mixture of styles is very interesting since you have some ‘danceable parts’ and then some melodic death metal right aftwards.

I haven’t heard a band that made me change my mind about liking them after playing their songs a few times, since I saw Turmion Katilot live. This band is definitely very good and I have to say that I expect great things from them in the future.

Band: Silent Descent Album: Duplicity
Label: Unsigned Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Industrial / Melodic Death Metal

Country: England

Rating: 90/100

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