Aenaon – Phenomenon (2009)

After a very enticing intro, Aenaon does not waste any time in showing what they are made off. The second track opens furiously and shows the true beast hiding within the Aenaon moniker. You can clearly listen to the Zyklon, Emperor and Behemoth influences in this band.

However, they are not just another clone of the previously mentioned bands. They just take all the best elements of them and fuse them with such grace that the 24 minutes that this EP presents will leave you with an extreme thirst for more.

“Phenomenon” is a great ‘calling card’ EP that will surely get this band a lot of attention, and maybe even a bigger label or distribution deal in the future. The band shows great potential in the 4 tracks that actually have music on this release. The intro does serve to create expectation but the outro song is just filler material.

Featuring furious guitars, fast-as-hell drumming and very strong vocals, you can’t ask for more. This young band has a great future and with their songwriting abilities, I’m sure they are probably writing their full-length debut as we type this (or so we hope). With the countless amounts of bands that surface these days, it’s becoming harder for bands like Aenaon (that are actually good) to be noticed.

The technical aspect of the band’s music is another thing that can’t be left un-noticed. Aenaon creates very intricate guitar melodies very similar to Emperor’s brilliant guitar work. The band’s lyrics apparently influenced by Chaos, Hate and Math Patterns, yes, you read right, Math seem to be the least of the concerns in these release, but we just find it ‘funny’ that you can claim to talk about these things together. We find some references to ‘real’ Math in the band’s lyrics, as well as some ‘fancy’ differential equations and integrals on the CD’s artwork. This is way more interesting than talking about Satan.

Overall, Aenaon does a great job with “Phenomenon” and leaves the bar very high for their next release, which we hope that it comes soon. If you are looking for a very solid, Emperor-sounding Black/Death Metal band, go and get this release from the band’s label website.

Band: Aenaon Album: Phenomenon
Label: Bleak Art Records

Release: September 22nd, 2009

Official Site myspace
Genre: Black/Death Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 88/100

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