Diathra - My Endless Sorrow (2009)

My Endless Sorrow is the second album from this band from Belarus, and in my opinion is a very strong second release. This band is clearly influenced by earlier work from Theatre Of Tragedy and Tristania among others.

Diathra’s musical style is by no means original but it’s executed perfectly. While there are some “Beauty and the Beast” type of vocals in a few songs, the rest of the album mainly features the talents of Shiyka Dmitriy, their female vocalists.

Each song takes me back in time, when there were many bands that played Doom / Gothic metal, this album is very up to par to any releases of the major bands of this genre from several years ago.

The slow guitar/drums/keyboard parts are amazing in several songs since they clearly make Shiyka’s vocals standout and drown the listener in a melancholic trance. But there are also fast paced moments that complement the songs to perfection. I have to add that the recording quality of this release is very good.

When I listen to bands like this I keep being reminded that my favorite doom / gothic metal genre is far from dead, on the contrary of something that I was told by a person that I rather not name.

Band: Diathra Album: My Endless Sorrow
Label: Stygian Crypt Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Doom / Gothic Metal

Country: Belarus

Rating: 90/100

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