Trident – World Destruction (2010)

Featuring Johan Norman from Dissection fame, as well as members from Necrophobic, Grief Of Emerald and Jaggernaut. Trident is another super band who is here to storm the Metal scene, and with “World Destruction” the band creates a superb first impression.

“World Destruction” features eight tracks of relentless and amazingly crafted Blackened Death Metal that will blow anybody away. With such quality of musicians you can’t expect anything less, but Trident delivers way more than you could imagine.

Out of the millions of things this band does correctly, the guitar riffs have to be the best element in this album. Johan Norman does a great job in crafting every song of this album with its own collection of brilliant riffs. There is no riff that falls flat or gets boring in this release. Something that nowadays is very hard to find.

Moving past the riffing, we have the brilliantly executed drumming that holds everything together. It’s furiously fast when needed, and provides very energetic tempo changes to keep the music fresh and brutal. There are no keyboards of fancy stuff in this release, just in your face Black/Death Metal with a hefty dose of melody.

Necrophobic’s vocalist Tobias does a great job in delivering the band’s hellish message. Paired with all the previously mentioned elements and you get a brilliant release that will surely be in our top 10 of 2010 release.

The album’s production is top notch, since it was recorded at Sonic Train Studios in Sweden, under the helm of Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) and Nico Elgstrand (Entombed).

If you are a fan of Swedish Black/Death Metal, then this release will surely be your new favorite album in the world. But even if you just like Black and Death Metal check this album out, it has a bit of everything that will appeal to any Metal head that enjoys good music.

Band: Trident Album: World Destruction
Label: Regain Records

Release: March 22nd, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Black/Death Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 90/100

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