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  • Blood Chalice – Sepulchral Chants of Self-Destruction (2018)


    Unleashing one of the rawest and most pummeling releases of this young 2018, today we have Finland’s Blood Chalice and their debut full-length “Sepulchral Chants of Self-Destruction”. As a joint release from Regain Records and Helter Skelter, we get 27 minutes of lo-fi bestial devastation in the shape of ten tracks. For the fans of intense Death/Black Metal, this release will keep head banging from start to finish.

    Opening with the violent “The Unholy Angel of All”, the band sets a very intense pace and a ravaging sound that is quite effective for the genre. The punishing vocals deliver an unholy experience as they resonate on killer tracks like “The Passage” and the moody “Coven”. We particularly enjoy the crunchy riffing on “The Four”, a song that expertly changes tempos and pummels the listener when they least expect it.

  • Horde of Hel – Likdagg (2011)


    With all of the venom and hatred that the Swedish black metal outfit Horde of Hel lives and breathes they bring you their latest release, “Likdagg”. Delivering a relentless slab of black metal it seems like the band has taken a different direction from their last album “Blodskam”. Stripping themselves mostly of the electronic effects and distortions that they’ve used in the past, the album comes across as a raw form of pure brutality.

    Keeping with their anonymity, names won’t be revealed but the vocalist delivers a powerful performance with ongoing maliciousness and aggression.

  • Death Wolf – Death Wolf (2011)


    Formed in 2000 by Marduk guitarist Morgan Hakansson under the name Devils Whorehouse; the band has rebirthed themselves in 2011 into Death Wolf that is a harder, thrashier and more aggressive outfit. While there is still some heavy Glen Danzig influence hanging over, it seems like vocalist Maelstrom has come into his own with more intensity and passion.

    The opener “Circle of Abomination” comes ripping in with a combination of thrash and Misfit-style punk. The vocals are gritty and Makko’s guitar riffing is brutal while Hrafn comes in with some complex drum work. A little over a minute in the track slows down to a chugging rhythm with a searing guitar solo in the background. “The Other Hell” opens with a nice melodic riff and is a bit different as far as the tempo goes. I would call this southern doom metal if I had to call it anything. This is one of the tracks where you will hear Maelstrom sound the most like Mr. Danzig.

  • Pro-Pain – Absolute Power (2010)


    Formed in the early nineties, Pro-Pain has been playing their Thrash infused Hardcore since their first release “Foul Taste of Freedom” until now with “Absolute Power”. The band’s style has not changed much over the years and continues to put out solid releases, but we feel that their sound is getting quite old to be honest. “Absolute Power” is yet another one of those good-but-sounds-tired kind of albums that we encounter every month.

    Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing bad about “Absolute Power” the album has over ten songs of catchy riffs, solid vocals and powerful drumming. It’s the similarity to their older stuff what bothers us. Even while listening through this album, you will get the ‘I already heard this’ kind of feeling as the songs keep flowing.

  • Grave – Burial Ground (2010)


    When it comes to Death Metal it’s already a widely proven fact that nobody can do it like the older bands can. With all the 16 year-old pissed off emo kids trying to create Death Metal and heavily relying on Pro-Tools and other modern ‘magic’ elements to have their band sound decent, we are left hanging to our old school albums, and waiting for the remaining greats to produce new music.

    This month we have Grave’s “Burial Ground”, and album that clearly states why bands like this will never get old. Yes, you might argue that this band is not dynamic or fresh sounding anymore, but when it comes to Death Metal, who gives a shit. We all want chugging mid-tempo songs with fast-paced drumming and consistent growls. None of that modern sounding shit.

  • Triumfall – Antithesis Of All Flesh (2010)


    Hailing from Serbia today we have Triumfall, a Black Metal band signed on Infernus (Gorgoroth) Forces Of Satan label. After listening to this release for a few times, we still have mixed feelings about this release. The production on this album is somewhat crappy in our opinion since the drumming sounds very bad sometimes, but it might be what the band was shooting for.

    The band plays a very interesting Black Metal that is very melodic in nature and has plenty of keyboard highlight here and there. This makes us remember the old days of demo tapes we received from bands from countries like Mexico, where they used keyboard highlights on plenty of Black Metal releases. While this sounds good, it also sounds very amateur because of they way they are written, maybe the keyboard player has limited skills, but they sound a bit simple.

  • Setherial – Ekpyrosis (2010)


    Long standing Swedish Black Metal underdogs are back with yet another brutal release that will be unleashed upon the world on June 14th. The band has always been playing second fiddle to the likes of Marduk and Dark Funeral, and we now think it’s their time in the (bigger) spotlight.

    With crushing drumming, hyper fast riffing and brutal vocals “Ekpyrosis” is one the band’s most brutal releases to date. We did not liked the band’s ‘new’ vocalist in their last album “Death Triumphant”, but now he feels more integrated into the band and ready to scream his lungs out in this fine release.

  • Arise – The Reckoning (2010)

    Surrounded by very confusing information, I found stuff back from April 2009 indicating the release of this album. The album was also recorded back in 2007, according to the band’s website. We have “The Reckoning” an interesting but kind of flat release that mixes Trash and Death Metal.

    The band claims to have influences of Carcass, At The Gates and Hypocrisy. While this is somewhat true, they are missing the heart behind these legendary bands. Arise plays decent music and creates decent songs, but nothing more exciting than this.

  • Trident – World Destruction (2010)

    Featuring Johan Norman from Dissection fame, as well as members from Necrophobic, Grief Of Emerald and Jaggernaut. Trident is another super band who is here to storm the Metal scene, and with “World Destruction” the band creates a superb first impression.

    “World Destruction” features eight tracks of relentless and amazingly crafted Blackened Death Metal that will blow anybody away. With such quality of musicians you can’t expect anything less, but Trident delivers way more than you could imagine.

  • Ragnarok – Collectors Of The King (2010)

    Featuring a completely re-vamped lineup that only contains original drummer Jontho, Ragnarok is back to defend it’s underground Black Metal crown. The band has never gotten too big, but their music speaks for it self: a healthy dose of True Black Metal that does not sound like it was recorded in the toilet.

    With ten tracks and around 40 minutes of music, “Collectors of the King” marks the band’s return after 6 years since their well received “Blackdoor Miracle” album. The band does not bullshit around, and with “Collectors Of The King” they provide a very powerful tour-de-force performance.


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