Luna Obscura - Feltia (2008)

I have been looking for a great gothic/doom release for the whole year of 2008 and I was never able to find one. Just a few weeks ago I discovered Luna Obscura, and since the album was released in 2008 I have to say that I did found the release I was looking for during that year.

After finding bands like this I have to wonder if the world is ever going to run out of bands that play this <insert-any-genre> at it’s best, and my answer has always been: NO, I keep finding bands that blow me away.

But what blows me away even more is that Luna Obscura has been around 2000 and it’s not signed to any label, they should be like flies on shit for this band.

From the first track: Enochian Chant, I was completely engaged by this album, then The Burden Of Solitude followed and my headphones had my undivided attention, this is album is just that good. While their style is not original by any means (being objective), it reminds me of the good times of Tristania and Theatre Of Tragedy among other. But while at least one of those bands completely sold out (ToT) and the other one is experimenting with other musical genres, they left a void that Luna Obscura is here to fill.

Felitia is one of the best albums from 2008 in my opinion, and every time I listen to it I don’t want it to be over. These Greek musicians have crafted a master piece, perfectly layering powerful harsh vocals with angelical female vocals on top of powerful guitar work and drumming, adding this to the brilliant atmospheres created by the keyboards I cant ask more from an album, this is just as good as it gets.

Band: Luna Obscura Album: Feltia
Label: Unsigned Year: 2008
Official Site
Genre: Gothic / Doom Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 95/100

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