Emergency Gate - Rewake (2009)

Every time I hear and album start with the phrase: “Are you ready”, I get so irritated, since they are usually pretty bad. Well this album is an exception to that rule.

I can’t really label this bands genre since they combine clean with harsh vocals, with some melodic death metal touches as well as power metal elements, and sometimes it even sounds like metalcore.

I have to admit the songs are very catchy but the metalcore parts kill it for me. When the songs are more power metal or melodic death metal their guitar melodies are pretty awesome, also the drumming is pretty decent.

While this bands unique mixture of genres is their strong point for most of the albums duration, it’s also their weakness when they go all metalcore in some songs. I would have to say that I like around 70% of this release, since they music is very well written and executed, but then there are some parts that just kill it for me completely.

Objectively this is a very good release since it can easily appeal many listeners from many genres since Emergency Gates combine them to perfection. The keyboards and guitars in particular a very good and complement the music to perfection.

Band: Emergency Gate Album: Rewake
Label: Silverwolf / SPV Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Melodic Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 80/100

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