My Life's Despair - Love, Sorrow, and Suicide (2009)

I will call this release a demo since it contains only 3 songs and it’s freely available on their myspace page. This is an American one man band that while not having the best production behind their demo, it clearly makes an impact.

My Life’s Despair has their music style well defined to be a mixture of early My Dying Bride, Crematory and The Sins of Thy Beloved. And this release is a great stepping stone into hopefully a full length album with better production.

The violins are perfectly executed in the track called: Denied and through out the whole album, clearly making me remembering early MDB. The female vocals mix very well with the clear vocals and they do not over use them like many bands that still play this type of music.

I’m usually very critical about the quality of demos but here it actually adds to the overall feeling of the album. One funny fact is their ‘geeky’ usage of mathematical symbols and greek letters on their cover art.

This is a very strong demo from a one man band if they stick to what they are doing now since there aren’t many bands left that play this genre like My Life’s Despair does.

Band: My Life's Despair Demo: Love, Sorrow, and Suicide
Label: Unsigned Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Gothic/Doom Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 85/100

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