The Worthless Dream - Trip Through Depression And Autumn (2009)

There is only one way of describing this ‘rehersal demo’: WTF, yes I just said What The Fuck, how do you even leak something like this on the internet. The demo consists of only 1 song that is around 16 min long, and let me guide you through my experience on it.

The first 6 minutes sound like just a shitty metal band learning how to make a doom metal song. Then I was almost in a boredom trance, when I hear some fucking screams like somebody out of an Asian horror film, it kind of caught me of guard and freaked me out, not because it’s impressive, but because it is so lame.

Then another few minutes go by and some funeral doom style vocals come up, not bad but then… some more delirious screams and they just completely destroy (even more) the song and I just lose interest. But I keep on listening and it just keeps going down from there. Some weird vocal arrangements and some pretty bad drumming keep going until after the 14 min mark, where they finish with some terrible sounding acoustic type guitar.

If I had a list of the worst things I’ve ever listened to, this would be in the top 5 of all time.

Band: The Worthless Dream Demo: Trip Through Depression And Autumn
Label: Unsigned Year: 2009
Official Site
Genre: Avant-Garde Doom Metal

Country: Russia

Rating: 30/100

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