Ethereal Collapse – Categories (2008)


Recorded two years after their great debut full-length “Breaching The Citadel” was released, Ethereal Collapse is back with “Categories” a 3 song EP that takes off where their last album left.

And if you have not read the review of their full-length album, then I’ll give you the jist of it: the album kicks ass, plain and simple. The band’s second effort is pretty good, but it’s probably lost the WOW factor since after listening to the first you have very high expectations of whatever the band releases next.

The 3 songs featured in “Categories” are pretty good, much like all the ones on their first album. The band’s sound is still a great mixture of Melodic Death Metal with Trash, and for the best part the vocals situation is a bit better than on their first release.

Since it’s a short EP I’m just going to say that you should be prepared for a wild ride into the band’s music, since the solos and guitar parts are really good and very un-predictable. The song writing again is stellar, and the execution shows the band members have been practicing for quite a while.

I’m still impressed that the band has not been picked up by any label, since the band is really good at making music and they have 2 releases to back this up.

Band: Ethereal Collapse Album: Categories
Label: Self Released

Release: 2008

Official Site myspace
Genre: Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 90/100

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