Saille – Gnosis (2017)


Hailing from Belgium, today we have the always improving Symphonic Black Metal outfit Saille and their fourth full-length release “Gnosis”. Returning with their highly melodic music, the band manages to craft 45 minutes divided in nine tracks that showcase their musical evolution in to a cleaner and leaner outfit since their conception. After releasing 3 albums in a span of 4 years, the band took more than two years to fully prepare and unleash this near perfect gem into the world.

Opening with the melodic riffing of “Benei ha'Elohim”, the band slowly introduces their clean cut musical style that remind us of bands like Apostasy, Old Man's Child, and Emperor. Things get catchier with the Dimmu Borgir-esque “Pandaemonium Gathers”, the perfect contrast between funky keyboards and pummeling drums/guitars make this song quite interesting and engaging. The killer solos and melancholic guitars in “Blôt” brilliantly complement Dennie Grondelaers mixture of growls and shrieks, making this track one of the most complete and diverse pieces in this release.

The album turns a bit darker and more melancholic with the excellent “Genesesis 11:1-9” and the melodramatic “Before the Crawling Chaos” and its solemn string elements. The band’s ability to go from darker and more emotive into blistering gut-wrenching brutality is one of their biggest strengths, and they clearly demonstrate it as they continue the release with the pummeling combination of “Prometheus” and “Thou, my Maker”.

Closing the album with “Magnum Opus” warming up the mood for “1904 Era Vulgaris”, the band has managed to showcase their complete musical range while demonstrating their musical evolution since their last release. The tracks in “Gnosis” are expertly crafted and provide the listener with the perfect balance of melody, aggression, and style. If you are a Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal fan, this is definitely one of the best releases you will hear in 2017, so be sure to pick up a copy of it

Band: Saille Album: Gnosis

Label: Code666 Records

Release: March 13th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 95/100

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