Löbo – Älma (2016)


Gloomy February approaches with yet another solid Portuguese release through Signal Rex. Atmospheric Doomsters Löbo are re-releasing their 2010 EP “Älma” on cassette and vinyl. Perfectly packing their piercing riffs, the band delivers a truly unique and transformative aural experience in over 35 minutes of music.

Setting the mood with the mysterious opener “Aqui em baixo a alma mede-se com mãos cheias de pedras”, the band creates a very well balanced atmosphere that is both chilling and intriguing. The track also has a very well-crafted tempo that allows things to slowly progress and surround the listener. The mood turns a bit more direct and poignant on the magical “Por fim só. Livre” thanks to the trippy synths and arrangements.

Nicely changing the pace of things “Carne e sombra” creates a very hypnotic vibe that snaps the listener from their previous trance and prepares them for the closing onslaught. “Matei os meus mestres - Silenciei os meus ídolos” delivers the perfect balance of trippy atmospheric elements and solid heavy riffs that will have you (slowly) headbanging through this song. We also like how the whole release comes to a climax in this track.

As a whole, “Älma” is a pretty solid 35-minute EP that will catch any fan of the genre by surprise. The band writes pretty solid songs that are quite diverse and engaging, making them an interesting alternative to more straightforward Atmospheric Death-Doom bands. If you like heavy and trippy instrumental music with Doom/Sludge infliences, then you should keep an eye out for Löbo and their crushing riffs.

Band: Löbo Album: Älma

Label: Signal Rex

Release: February 13th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Doom/Sludge Metal

Country: Portugal

Rating: 88/100

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