Forte Ruin – Forte Ruin (2015)


Always excited to receive promo materials from new and upcoming bands, today we find ourselves quite entertained with Forte Ruin’s self-titled EP. Mixing Melodic Death Metal elements with some Power Metal influences, this release sounds like Children of Bodom, Tracedawn and Shade Empire had a genetically engineered baby.

Opening with the lively Children of Bodom-esque “Alienated Humanity”, the band instantly makes an impression with well-crafted guitars and playful keyboards. The harsh vocals are very typical for the genre, but the clean vocals nicely catch the listener off-guard and have a certain Proggy vibe to them. After setting the bar high with the opener, the band continues with lush keyboards and excellent tight drumming in “45 Days”. Being quite catchy and melodic, this reminded us a bit more of Tracedawn and Kalmah, brilliantly smashed together.

Saving the best for last, “Enter the Masquerade” is a brilliant melodic piece filled with soaring clean vocals and melodic riffs. This track is the most polished one of the release and showcases the band’s musical strengths. We can totally picture tons of people headbanging to this mellow and intoxicating piece. The guitar leads are quite solid, creating a certain epic feeling to the song, making it for an excellent closing piece.

Forte Ruin managed to deliver nearly 15 minutes of very engaging music that will surely catch the attention of Metalheads. The band’s style is quite unique and while still not completely meshed together, it is quite strong and promising. The musicianship and the creativity is there, it is just a matter of time before this band is firing in all cylinders and delivering even better release. Check out the band’s music on bandcamp and keep an eye out for these guys.

Band: Forte Ruin Album: Forte Ruin

Label: Self-Released

Release: 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Melodic Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 86/100

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