Pestifer – Reaching the Void (2014)


Greatly improving from their 2010 debut release, today we have Belgium’s Pestifer and their sophomore effort “Reaching the Void”. In a scene as competitive as Technical Death Metal, there are always bands that are clearly better than the ‘known alternatives’ and one of those is Pestifer. Cranking out nine brutal hyperactive headbanging anthems, this album will blow you away since the first song.

Showing their insane musical skills since the opener, “Witness of the Loss”, the band demonstrates immense improvement since their previous release. Filled with hateful growls, acrobatic riffing and sick bass guitar lines, the album demolishes its way through tracks like “Exiled to the Abyss”, “Tree of Thorns” and the personal favorite “Abominations”. It is immediately evident that the dual guitar onslaughts by Antoine Paterka and Emerson Devresse will be responsible for multiple sore necks.

The band keeps things fresh with intricate melodic passages like on “The Earthling Chronicles” and “Exiled to the Abyss” that extremely memorable and enjoyable. As personal favorites, we like the more exploratory side of the band that is shown in tracks like “Orbital Failure” and “Positronic Symphony”, where they explore their sound with a slower tempo that allows all the intricacies and subtle guitar/bass/drumming nuisances to be fully enjoyed.

As a whole, “Reaching the Void” is a huge step in the band’s evolution as it shows a very mature and capable band. The similarities to bands like Obscura, Decrepit Birth, Spawn of Possession, etc. are there, but Pestifer manages to carve their own style into the genre while avoiding all the clichés and pitfalls of it. If you like your music complex, heavy and brutal, this is the album you are waiting for.

Band: Pestifer Album: Reaching the Void

Label: Great Dane Records

Release: April 14th, 2014

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 90/100

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