Sigh – Graveward (2015)


We love it when bands push the limits of music and Sigh is a fine example of how to continue finding odd ways to further expand your sound in the most bizarre and exciting ways. With “Graveyard” the band continues down their path of madness and delivers one of the most exciting releases of 2015. Featuring a plethora of guest appearances and a central theme around Italian zombie flicks and Fabio Frizzi’s compositions, this is one of the must have releases of 2015.

Leading with guest Kelly Simonz’s guitar leads on “Kaedit Nos Pestis” and the dramatic atmospheric/psychedelic elements of “Graveward”, the band sets a very atmospheric and chaotic mood right from the start. Mirai Kawashima and Dr. Mikannibal have an amazing chemistry and their insane vocal incursions are just one of many things that make Sigh quite unique. The madness reaches new level with the very cinematic “The Tombfiller” and its killer symphonic arrangements, brilliant guitar solos (courtesy of Kelly S again) and crazy effects.

One of the most haunting moments in this release is the funky “The Molesters of My Soul” and it’s very vivid hallucination inducing instrumentation. Adding more craziness to the melting pot, “Out of the Grave” adds ex-Hung violinist Lyris Hung, which in effect also features some sax parts by Adam Matlock. Another one of the odd collaborations is Frédéric Leclercq providing the guitar leads on “The Casketburner”, a very interesting jazzy piece.

As the most elaborate and star-studded song, “A Messenger from Tomorrow” is definitely one of our favorite tracks in this release thanks to the narration by Metatron and the additional vocals of Niklas Kvarforth, making for a very unique and interesting piece. Closing with the psychedelic/retro sounding “Dwellers in Dream”, we also get to hear Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) on vocals. As a whole, “Graveward” is one hell of a weird release that will take weeks to fully digest and enjoy. If you like the weirdness and theatrics of Sigh, this release will greatly satisfy your cravings for weirdness.

Band: Sigh Album: Graveward

Label: Candlelight Records

Release: May 19th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Avant-garde / Experimental Metal

Country: Japan

Rating: 92/100

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