Deficiency – The Prodigal Child (2013)


Hailing from France, today we have Deficiency, a very promising young band that plays a mean modern sounding Thrash Metal. Presenting us with ten superb tracks, this band showcases that not everybody is just trying to copy what old-school Thrash Metal bands have did in the past. Giving us a certain flair of bands like Mercenary, EverEve (sans the experimental craziness), etc., this is a very entertaining album that will not get dull at any point.

Blasting away instantly with the album title opening track, the band showcases vicious riffing and versatile vocals. Not settling for your typical Thrash style, the band throws some growls into the mix. As “Unleashed” and “A Prospect of Traveling Beyond” unfolds, the band clearly showcases their unique signature into the music with emphasis on epic vocal sections and incisive riffs. For those of us that enjoy dark and melodic songs, “Those Who Behold” is one hell of a track with lush drumming and the perfect tempo to make it quite memorable.

Hitting Groove Metal terrirtories, “The Introspection of the Omnipotent” is a very interesting track that fans of Dagoba and similar acts will find entertaining. If epic interludes are your thing (like ours), “Stronger than You” will blow you away with its majestic passages and crafty musicianship. Just when you think the band’s songs can’t get any better, they unleash “A Way Out of Nowhere” and “The Experiment”, two 7-plus minute tracks that deliver heaps of melodic sections to complement the vicious Thrash riffing.

As the release comes to a close with “The Curse of Hu’s Hands”, we are left with a very solid release that is not afraid to diverge from the norm and ends up delivering a superb rendition of modern Thrash Metal with tons of cools ideas. From Groove elements all the way to atmospheric keyboards, the band has a surprise in every song and followers of Melodic Modern Metal will greatly enjoy “The Prodigal Child”. We can only hope the band gets better and delivers and even more imposing second release.

Band: Deficiency Album: The Prodigal Child

Label: Fantai’zic Productions

Release: October 14th, 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Thrash/Modern Metal

Country: France

Rating: 88/100

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