Nigthwish - Showtime, Storytime (2013)


Filmed at Wacken Open Air Festival in front of 85,000 fans, Nightwish brings us hands down the most complete and well-crafted live release of 2013. Directed by Ville Lipiäinen, this is one hell of a release that brings to life the band’s amazing live chemistry and unrivaled showmanship. Filled with all of the band’s hit songs, this release will impress any fan of the band and will surely convince anybody that is skeptical about Floor Jansen’s place in the band.

Opening with two of our favorite songs of the band “Dark Chest of Wonders” and “I Wish I Had an Angel”, Floor will immediately blow all the non-believers away with her commanding presence and ownership of these classic Nightwish songs. With the backdrop of 85,000 people at Wacken, this release really brings the viewer into the meat of things and gives the vibrant experience of being at the festival minus the mud, standing for hours, and sweaty Metalheads bumping into you.

If you still need more convincing, once the first few words are sang from our all-time favorite “She Is My Sin”, you will stop being a hater and go back to being a full-fledged Nightwish fan again. The band’s execution is brilliant, as every time we have seen the band live, and now people can witness it with the new band members in place. Every song from “Amarath” to “Nemo” to “Ever Dream”, the energy is just amazing and the crowd is going wild through the whole duration of the show.

One of the things we liked the most of this release is how the shots of the crowd are very well intermingled and help the viewer fully appreciate the vibe that concertgoers lived in this very special occasion. In terms of the live concert part of this release, we have to say that is by far one of the best produced and recorded shows we have seen in quite a long time. With the band being at the top of their game, this occasion was magically captured for eternity in this release.

With the addition of a 4 hour documentary, “Showtime, Storytime” should be one of the most complete and expected releases of Nuclear Blast this 2013. If you are already a fan, do not hesitate and get yourself a copy of this monumental occasion. If you are still on the fence about the band’s new members, once you see this release you will be immediately hook into their roles in the band.

Band: Nigthwish Album: Showtime, Storytime

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: December 10th, 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Symphonic/Gothic Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 93/100

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