Crownless – Dark Evolution (2011)


In the very crowded Symphonic/Gothic Metal scene, it is quite the challenge to pick out the gems from the duds.  However, Crownless makes it very easy since their musical style is quite diverse and perfectly executed, delivering ten tracks of majestic music. For all fans of Epica, Xandria, After Forever, etc., this band crafts super catchy songs with excellent melodic elements and even better vocal arrangements.

Opening with the very engaging “Lost Inside”, we immediately hear the Epic influences in the catchy guitars and solid orchestrations. Vanessa 'Nane' Ramirez vocals are quite powerful and are the perfect signature elements for the band’s music. Things get more dynamic with the exciting “Dark Embrace” and “Ravens in the Storm”, filled with lush vocal arrangements and some awesome guitar work. The band’s ability to combine many other’s elements into a compact and powerful sound is one of their best assets in the scene.

The band’s knack for epic melodic sections bring us excellent tracks like “Ataraxia” and “Fading Dreams”, both filled with epic passages and an amazing sense of melody and heaviness. For people looking for dramatic ballads, “Silent Tears” have Vanessa showcasing her excellent voice in a really mellow song. “Thorns” bring a very familiar sound that sounds a lot like Amaranthe, making the track quite catchy and dynamic. Our favorite is “Freak Garden” and its excellent riffs and drums.

Closing the album with a 13-minute behemoth “Mirrors”, the band ends on a high note. After showcasing their excellent musical abilities and charismatic singer, Crownless has left us with great expectations for their future releases. With over 55-minutes of music, the band has made their mark on the scene and hopefully they gain wider recognition and we hear of them getting singed to a label soon. The band has more than enough quality to be one of the premiere of the genre as they confirmed with “Dark Evolution”.

Band: Crownless Album: Dark Evolution

Label: Self-released

Release: December 20th, 2011

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Symphonic/Gothic Metal

Country: Spain

Rating: 89/100

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