Sichelstein – Sichelstein (2012)


With an extremely unique sound, today we have Sichelstein and their self-titled EP. Presenting five tracks of very retro sounding music, this band manages to create a sick mixture of Shoegaze and Black Metal with Darkwave and Gothic Rock elements with very depressive vibe. Totally unexpected and raw, this release is one of the most interesting ones we have received from Valse Sinistre in the last few months.

The opener builds up nicely with some very raw sounding guitars and some very new wave-ish keyboards, but it finally explodes with creepily distorted harsh vocals and some organs. “Das Leben” is the most Shoegaze-y track in thise release with a heavy dose of trippy guitars paired with more creepy keyboards and completely deranged vocals, a very interesting listening experience indeed.

Things keep getting weirder with “Bösen Traum” and its intoxicating mixture of New Wave/ Black Metal/ and Gothic Rock elements that fully culminates in total chaos (in a good way). Our favorite track is “Ich sehe” and its extremely creepy and unique atmosphere, truly a unique (and very weird) listening experience). The closer “Lebewohl” is as odd as any of the previous songs and it nicely closes a very intricate and weird release that any fan of experimental Metal music should have in their collection.

If you are always on the prowl for weird and unique stuff, “Sichelstein” is a release that you HAVE to have. This band creates very odd music that is very catchy and disturbing at the same time. We can say that listening to this album will surely be a unique experience even for the most seasoned music connoisseurs.

Band: Sichelstein Album: Sichelstein
Label: Valse Sinistre Productions

Release: 2011

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Black Metal / Shoegaze / new wave / Gothic Rock

Country: Czech Republic

Rating: 90/100

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