Closed Room – White Bed Sheet (2011)


As one of the weirdest but also very interesting releases we have received in 2012, today we have Closed Room and their promotional EP titled “White Bed Sheet”. This Belarus band features three very different and equally intoxicating tracks that range between Trip-Hop to Post Black Metal. With similarities to bands like Ulver and Amesoeurs, this is indeed one very difficult band to categorize.

Opening with the atmospheric and very trippy “White Bed Sheet”, the band delivers a very Ulver-like song that has a very powerful atmosphere and excellent vocals. The jazzy female vocals nicely hypnotize the listener while the atmospheric beats work their magic in creating a very dense mood. We are not huge fans of Trip-Hop, but this song is brilliant.

With a very evident Amesoeur vibe, “Fly to the Sunrise” is the best song in this short but sweet release. The beats are traded for dreamy Shoegazing guitars and the vocals sound a lot more melodic than on the previous track. The clear Post-Rock/Metal influences are very well exploited and the overall melodic nature of the song makes this track extremely appealing and highly enjoyable.

The closer “Slowing Down Breathe” is a bit more experimental than the first two tracks and it also constructs a sound of its own for Closed Room. This track has some cool piano sections paired with some Trip-Hop elements. While only two-minutes long, it provides a different angle to what we have listened to before in the first two songs.

As a promo EP, “White Bed Sheet” is very interesting indeed, it shows a band’s multiple musical sides and while it still does not fully integrate their sound, it shows that Closed Room has good ideas. If you are looking for something a bit different with excellent female vocals, give this release a try.

Band: Closed Room Album: White Bed Sheet
Label: Self-Released

Release: 2011

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Dark-wave/Trip-hop/Ambient/Post-Rock/Metal

Country: Belarus

Rating: 89/100

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