Inside the Fall - …As Life Withers (2012)


Arriving all the way from Spain, today we have Inside the Fall’s debut EP titled “…As Life Withers”. Keeping the Death/Doom flame alive, Inside the Fall does an excellent job in crafting five emotional tracks that feature all the elements fans love about the genre. We are huge fans of Death/Doom and this release is one of the best we have received so far this year.

Opening with the highly energetic “Highest Walls of Despair”, Inside the Fall shows their skill in creating a good riffing structure with emphasis on melody, but keeping the Doom characteristics that we all know and love. The growls are very powerful and nicely thrown into the mix, there are a few vocal layering elements that add extra depth to the song. Mixing clean and harsh vocals the ‘doom passage’ in this track is very well mixed into the track.

With the same energy, “Threnody at Dusk” keeps things flowing but with the addition of some weird effects that nicely add to the overall atmosphere. Our favorite track is the more traditional “Fallen Leaves of July”, a very typical Death/Doom track with catchy riffing and effective drumming. The crushing opening vocals of “Farewell Within” really give this song a boost just before the melodic guitar work keeps working its magic. In the last ‘hidden’ track there is a bit of crackling probably due to some recording issue, but nothing to major that would ruin the enjoyment of this fine release.

For a new band, Inside the Fall has managed to deliver a very well-crafted and professionally sounding EP. “…As Life Withers” is highly recommended for all fans of bands like Frailty, Fall of Empyrean, Mourning Beloved, etc. This band does an excellent job in crafting their own sound and not sounding like a typical clone of MDB or similar bands, so be sure to keep an eye out for them and get this limited release.

Band: Inside the Fall Album: …As Life Withers
Label: Self-released

Release: February 29th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Melodic Death/Doom Metal

Country: Spain

Rating: 89/100

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