Gothminister – Anima Inferna (2011)


Rounding off our promo package from End of Light records, today we have Gothminister and their fourth full-length release “Anima Inferna”. Presenting 11 tracks of a very engaging and catchy mixture of Gothic and Industrial Metal paired with plenty of electronic elements. Drawing similarities to Combichrist and Rammstein, this band shows a great deal of maturity in their latest release.

Opening with the very catchy “Stonhenge”, the band quickly shows their skills in crafting simple-yet-effective guitar riffs and a very atmospheric song structure. The combination of the clean vocals with the female choir is just outstanding and gives a very eerie and ethereal feeling, especially when the song is coming to a close. “Liar” delivers super catchy electronic beats and very intoxicating vocal melodies, we are not huge fans of this type of music but Gothminister makes it very hard for us not to like this song.

The catchiness continues with tracks like “Juggernaut”, “616”, and the Marilyn Manson-like “Solitude”. The vocals are super dramatic and well-crafted and with the crystal clear production, the band has a great sounding release in their hands. The ethereal atmospheric sections are what make this release be so enjoyable and epic at the same time. The diabolical sounding “The Beast” is our favorite track, due to the very dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

As we mentioned before, the main selling point of this release is the overall catchiness of the band’s sound. The commanding guitar leads are perfectly mixed with the electronic and atmospheric elements to create a very powerful effect. “Anima Inferna” is an excellent release that will transport you to the band’s very bizarre and hellish world.

If you are looking for an album that combines both strong guitar riffs and catchy atmospheric elements, “Anima Inferna” is a release you should acquire. The female choirs made this release very attractive for us, and when paired with the atmospheric keyboards… it was just brilliant. Finally available in North America, checkout End of Light’s website to order this release.

Band: Gothminister Album: Anima Inferna
Label: End of Light Records

Release: March 29th, 2012

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Gothic/Industrial Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 87/100

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