Acelsia – Quietude (2011)


Making its way from Norway to our little corner of the world, today we have Acelsia’s latest EP titled “Quietude”. In this four-song EP the band shows their very effective approach to mixing Gothic and Doom Metal influences with some hints of Rock. Lead by the enchanting vocals of Malene Markussen, the band delivers 18 minutes of pure melancholic music that will move you one way or another.

Opening with powerful riffs on “All these Years”, the band nicely transitions with enchanting female vocals and well constructed Doom-like riffs. While the band’s sound is not fully depressive or as down-tempo as regular Gothic Doom, you can still feel the melancholy behind the hearfelt songs presented in this release. “Happiness Prevails” opens with some weaping guitars and quickly transforms, this skill is probably Acelsia’s most interesting feature since the songs morph from one direction to another very seamlessly and effectively.

At this point you can already appreciate the excellent production behind this EP, being recorded (and mixed) at the Toproom Studio, its sound quality is very professional. Showing more her vocal skills, Malene opens “Unbroken” probably the saddess and most effective song in this release. We particularly like the old-school feeling that the band has making us remember the older The Third and the Mortal albums, and Shellyz Raven music as well. The drums and guitars are excellent in setting the mood, and the bass guitar line keeps things together very nicely.

Instantly reminding us of Silentum and Evensong, “Still Undone” delivers great guitar work paired with majestica vocal work and some growls that could have easily been removed and nothing would be taken away from this emotional song. It is very hard to pick a favorite song when all four tracks are excellent in their own way, we particularly like the melancholy and energy behind “Unbroken” and “Still Undone” based on our own preference of melancholic music.

As one of the best surprises we have found in our pile of band submitted releases, “Quietude” is an excellent album that should move everyboy that like melancholic music. The Doom/Gothic/Rock influences are very nicely blended into a very devastating emotional sound that nicely highlights the band’s strengts. So do yourself a favor and head ove to the band’s website and purchase this excellent release.

Band: Acelsia Album: Quietude
Label: Unsigned

Release: September 2nd, 2010

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Gothic/Doom Metal / Rock

Country: Norway

Rating: 90/100

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