dark_matter - _adrift_ (2010)


Being always weary of those ‘do it yourself’ new bands, we had some skepticism about the claims made on dark_matter’s press package info sheet. However, dark_matter greatly surprised us with great quality music and an impressive sound on this very short-but-sweet EP release. For over four tracks, the band delivers trippy and spaced-out compositions that stick in your head for days.

With the opening track “Neptune”, we are treated to some of the best ethereal keyboards we’ve heard in quite a while. They are perfectly paired with nice riffing and drumming, something that many bands that rely too much on their keyboards to be overly atmospheric can’t seem to get right. After the short intro track, “the_persistence_of_memory” delivers more powerful guitars paired with electronic and space rock elements that will transport you to a different level of consciousness (or your money back). We love that there are absolutely no vocals ruining the beauty of the music in this release.

“compression_syndrome” is the heaviest song of the release and nicely changes the pace of things slowly building up, unlike the previous songs. The closer of this EP is a song called “monolith” and as its name mentions, this song is a monolithic 7 minute track of electronic elements and beautiful atmospheric sections. If you just added some female vocals to this piece, we would have an amazing Gothic Metal song. This song gets even more emotional and dramatic near its conclusion, creating a very effective feeling of closure for this release.

Once again, we have to say that we are blown away by such a beautiful release by dark_matter. This band knows exactly what they are doing and they excel at it. The atmospheric elements alone create such a powerful release and when paired with the rock/Metal elements, they blend perfectly to create intricate and effective songs. Head over to the band’s myspace and get this amazing release before it’s too late.

Band: dark_matter Album: _adrift_
Label: Unsigned

Release: 2010

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Atmospheric Metal

Country: Ireland

Rating: 90/100

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