E-L-R - Vexier (2022)


Unleashing waves of trance inducing music, today we have Switzerland’s E-L-R and their sophomore release “Vexier”. As it is to be expected from a Prophecy Productions release, this album goes beyond atmospheric and into hypnotic territories with a brilliant mixture of Doom, Shoegaze, and Post-Metal elements. For around 46 minutes, the listener is nicely transported by the intricately crafted expansive music in this release.

Opening with the dreamy “Opiate the Sun”, the band slowly unravels a 12-minute piece filled with haunting atmospherics and powerful distorted guitars. Think of The Ocean paired up with some Tide From Nebula and some sprinkles of SubRosa, as other tracks like “Three Winds” and “Seeds” further enshroud the listener into the band’s unique and expansive sound.

The music is certainly heavy at times, with piercing riffs, engaging drumming, and crafty tempo changes, as the intense “Fleurs of Decay” develops. Closing with the 12-minute tour-de-force “Foret”, the band masterfully builds this song up to a crushing catharsis. Overall, “Vexier” is one fo those truly unique releases that feature tons of replay value and showcase a band doing their own thing while kicking ass at it.

Band: E-L-R Album: Vexier

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: March 11th, 2022

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Genre: Doom/Shoegaze/Post-Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 92/100

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