O Graceful Musing’s Burden – Two (2012)


Delivering and excellent cinematic experience, today we have O Graceful Musing’s Burden and their latest release “Two”. Hailing from Germany, this band combines elements from bands like Cult of Luna, Godspeed Your Black Emperor, Ulver, and many other, allowing them to create a very rich and colorful palette of sounds that come together very nicely.

Opening with the monumental “Piece of Lament Mirth Thought Desperation Soul Fear Hope” (probably one of the longest song titles ever), the band outputs 23 minutes of sheer brilliance. With a very atmospheric opening filled with ambient elements and post-rock guitars, the band nicely creates momentum as the song progresses. The subtle progressive hints are quite effective and when the distorted guitars kick in, the song nicely climaxes before a long way down.

After the dreamy opener track, “Piece of Mind” rounds up this release with short (only eight minutes long) but sweet track. This song features a darker vibe with ripping distorted guitars and excellent atmospheric passages. The band has an excellent ear for timing everything perfectly to work in perfect harmony. The drums nicely keep the pace of this piece flowing and morph between heavy and slower sections.

Comprised of Tobi and Simon, this band has a lot of good ideas and excellent musical composition skills. We are nicely surprised to listen to such a high-quality release from this yet relatively unknown band, and we hope this changes in the future. If you are looking for a dreamy post-rock/metal band with high emphasis on ambient passages, this is the perfect release for you.

Band: O Graceful Musing’s Burden Album: Two
Label: Cataract of Sounds

Release: 2012

Oficial Site myspace

Genre: Ambient/Post-Rock/Post-Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 90/100

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