Mhorgl – Heresiarch (2011)


Delivering waves of technical aggression with an old-school Thrash sound, today we have Australia’s Mhorgl and their devastating third full-length “Heresiarch”. With over 45 minutes of meticulously crafted Thrash/Black Metal, this band is set to make some noise in the scene with their relentless tracks filled with technical nuances that only a handful of bands can pull off. Just imagine Obscura playing Thrash infused songs and you will get a glimpse of what this band is unleashing.

Starting with the hellish “Inheriting the Mantle of Power”, the band sets the standard very high with crazy guitar riffing, crushing solos and inhuman drumming. The vocals are also very demonic and they have that snarl that perfectly fits the whirlwind sound of the band. Pounding through tracks like “Ophidian Legacy” (featuring killer guitar wizardry and a punchy Southern vibe), “Black World Militia” and “Ravenous Wargod”, the band delivers high-octane music that will max out your heart rate.

The Black Metal influences are very well carved into the band’s sound and are greatly with Thrashy riffs and song structures. Mhorgl excels in making hyper-fast tracks with very interesting song structures and tons of details. Our favorite track of this album is the very crafty “Fallen” and its intricate tempo changes. There are also some acoustic passages in tracks 5, 7, 9 and 11 that give a nice change of pace from the destructive steamroller of the band’s hellish sound.

Before you know it and a couple thousand musical notes later, the album comes to a close with the very well rounded “Purity”. In this track we are treated to all the brilliant details that make this release very appealing in one single 6-minute opus. This song features powerful Black Metal riffs, hellish vocals, cheeky drumming and an overall demonic pace, just before wrapping up with another excellent acoustic section.

If you are looking for something fast and majestically crafted, look no further and get “Heresiarch”. This album packs a lot of punch in 45 minutes and guarantees a high return for your investment in terms of replay value. We are excited about what is in the future for such an excellent band with amazing musicianship and song writing skills, so keep an eye on Mhorgl in the future but meanwhile enjoy this great album.

Band: Mhorgl Album: Heresiarch
Label: Sovereign Records

Release: October 3rd, 2011

Oficial Site myspace
Genre: Thrash/Black Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 87/100

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