Funeral Oration - Antropomorte (2024)


Capturing a very unique style of old-school Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal, today we have Italy’s Funeral Oration and their latest effort “Antropomorte”. Inducing a feeling of going back in time a couple of decades, the band unleashes seven tracks and around 40 minutes of highly theatrical and very engaging music. If you were ever a fan of Limbonic Art, Tartaros, and Charmand Girmloch, then this is the release for you.

Opening with “PLenus Larvarum”, we are immediately treated to old-school BM riffs and to some extent a slight Punk-ish vibe, this all quickly changes as the playful keyboards come around and the whole vibe changes to a more theatrical style. Perfectly blending incisive riffs with superbly catchy interludes and solid harsh vocals, “Amor Obsessio”, “Cloaca cattolica”, and “Il Serpente della Genesi”, keep things intense and yet full of lush and elegant atmospheric arrangements.

The sinister “Notturno sepolcrale” has to be our favorite song thanks to its Doomy vibes and lively atmospherics. We are suckers for 90’s sounding keyboard arrangements and the band totally excels at delivering these. There is no need for overproduced atmospherics/orchestrations when the basic synths get the job done as heard on “Ebbrezza pagana”.

As a whole, “Antropomorte” is one of those releases with a timeless sound that still brings in new ideas and rhythms to the table. The band’s song writing skills allow them to create their own sound while still paying homage to a certain era. With a certain flair similar to ‘vampyric Black Metal’ releases, Funeral Oration delivers a solid release that proves that some things are timeless.

Band: Funeral Oration Album: Antropomorte

Label: Napalm Records

Release: March 22nd, 2024

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Genre: Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 95/100

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