Shadohm - Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment (2024)


Hailing from Poland, today we have a very ambitious new outfit Shadohm and their crafty/proggy Modern Metal release “Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment”. Formed by Paweł Jaroszewicz of Vader, Antigama, Batushka fame, this outfit delivers five crushing tracks, totaling 30 minutes of music, highly recommended for fans of bands like Hacride, Gojira, Architects, and Meshuggah.

Opening with the pummeling “Through Darkness”, we get a hefty mixture of crafty drumming, engaging tempo changes, and powerful guitars. The vocals are quite fitting to the music as they switch from harsh passages to more melodic clean arrangements. For fans of Meshuggah and similar outfits, tracks like “Blurred” and “Fair Weather Friend” have a solid dose of Djenty tempo changes and layered guitars.

With some The Ocean-esque Post-Metal influences, “Ripped Apart” and “Towards Enlightenment” showcase additional layers to the band’s sound, as this release feels like the band is trying to find its unique sound while delivering some excellent music. We particularly prefer the darker and more atmospheric tone of this closing track.

Overall, “Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment” is a very solid debut release with plenty of elements to enjoy. While the sound is heavy and aggressive, there are definitely more elements than meet the eye, requiring more than a few spins to fully digest. If you like crafty modern Metal music with dramatic tempo changes and solid vocal arrangements, be sure to check these guys out.

Band: Shadohm Album: Through Darkness Towards Enlightenment

Label: Selfmadegod Records

Release: March 8th, 2024

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Genre: Progressive/Alternative/Modern Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 92/100

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