One Master - The Name of Power (2023)


After some years of so-so USBM releases, 2023 was packed with pretty epic stuff, including One Master’s “The Name of Power”. As the band’s first full-length release in six years, this gritty and punishing release nicely evolves the band’s sound while keeping them high up in the rankings as of the best Black Metal outfits in the USA. Pouring 54 minutes of ravaging and destructive music, Valder and company do not fuck around and bring tons of attitude and power to the table with this one.

Quickly setting an uncompromising and relentless wall of sound, “The First Names” and “The Forbidden Names” deliver waves of punishing riffs nicely flanked by intense drumming and crushing vocals. The band’s raw and stripped down production creates a very powerful effect, giving the music that unfiltered sound that live performances have. With minimal atmospherics and ritualistic change of tempos, tracks like “The Secret Names” keep the release engaging and far from linear.

Our personal favorite track in this release has to be “The Celestial Names” and its more melodic approach, weaving back and forth from slower paced passages to all-out punishment and plenty of headbanging moments. Closing with the 14-minute behemoth of “The Final Name”, the band again slowly builds momentum while creating a very sinister and engaging atmosphere. There is something just too incisive and dissonant to the band’s vibe that draws the listener to their music.

Unleashing one of the most incisive and punishing Black Metal releases of 2023, One Master and “The Name of Power” create a new chapter in the USBM scene. The release offers six masterful tracks that showcase a band further refining a very crushing sound. BM should make the listener uneasy and this release perfectly nails that atmosphere and vibe with its piercing music and relentless approach.

Band: One Master Album: The Name of Power

Label: Eternal Death

Release: November 24th, 2023

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 96/100

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