Mystfall - Celestial Vision (2023)


Hailing from Greece, today we have an excellent Symphonic Metal newcomer with Mystfall and their debut release “Celestial Vision”. Featuring over 40 minutes of high-octane music, this release has all the staples of the genre to please even the most demanding fans. If you are a fan of Epica, Visions of Atlantis, etc., you will certainly love this release.

Opening with a dramatic orchestrated intro, the band really shines as it transitions to “Celestial Vision”. Showcasing polish and excellent instrumentation, alongside the talented vocals of Marialena Trikoglou, this outfit unleashes dramatic arrangements and tons of catchiness as they pummel through songs like “Centuries”, “Endless”, and “Silence”.

While the band’s style is not new or revolutionary, they manage to create epic songs with soaring vocal arrangements and a good dose of heaviness, making them quite engaging and highly entertaining, with songs like “Kings of Utopia” and “Moral Compass” showing all their strengths in a very cinematic way.

Our favorite tracks have to be the melodramatic “The Balance of Time” and the killer “Freedom Path”, which evoke moments of Symphonic Metal brilliance. Not trying to re-discover the wheel, the band is highly talented at what they do and they have excellent songwriting and story telling skills to keep listeners fully engaged and headbanging from start to end.

Band: Mystfall Album: Endless

Label: Scarlet Records

Release: July 21st, 2023

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Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 94/100

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