Countless Skies - Resonance (2023)


As one of the most promising and epic Melodic Death Metal bands, Countless Skies has blown us away with their killer full length releases “Glow” and “New Dawn”. With “Resonance”, the band dabbles into the live in the studio recordings territory with great success. Featuring songs from both their full-length releases, this five track EP is just what the doctor ordered to keep the momentum going for this excellent band.

The release opens with “Daybreak” from their “New Dawn” release and they completely nail it. We love how this track sounds slightly different with a higher emphasis on the cello arrangements from Arianna Mahsayeh. The other track from the same release is a shorter version of the Insomnium-esque “Wanderer”, again showcasing their insanely good lead guitars alongside melancholy dripping melodic passages.

From “Glow” we have killer versions of “Summit”, “Tempest”, and the album title track. In this release the album title track is merged as one behemoth 20-minute piece that is as epic as the original. What makes this release worth getting is how the band added small changes and retouches to these tracks, making them even better: more dramatic, more melancholic, more explosive, more bombastic.

Overall, “Resonance” is one killer and unique live studio recording of highly epic songs, brilliantly executed and perfectly enhanced. If you wanted to hear the band in action, this is as close as many of us in North America are going to get, in a while at least, so be sure to not miss out on this one. Highly recommended, and all their previous stuff, for any listener getting into Melodic Death Metal, as it does not get any better than this!

Band: Countless Skies Album: Resonance

Label: Willowtip Records

Release: May 30th, 2023

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Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 98/100

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