Funeral Winds - Stigmata Mali (2023)


As to be expected from a Osmose Productions release, “Stigmata Mali” showcases Funeral Winds at their most devastating and demoralizing. Spewing eight tracks and nearly 35 minutes of punishing music, this release is crushing and powerful with a certain pestilent sound of 90’s raw Black Metal. If you are a fan of raw, uncompromising, and punishing music, this is certainly the release for you.

Blasting off with “Open the Wounds”, the first noticeable thing is the buzzing distorted guitars and hellish mixture of vocals, courtesy of the band’s founder Hellchrist Xul. The pace suddenly changes thanks to blistering onslaughts of brutality, particularly as the opener transitions into tracks like “Stigmata Mali”, “By These Hands, by Your Command”, and “Odious Emanations”.

With brutality and intensity front and center, track like “The Angels of Darkness” and “Ferocius Revelations” showcase the band’s range as the first tracks is directly punishing, while the later creates a more sinister mood with a slower pace, and crafty guitar leads. The band’s pummeling drumming keeps things hectic and potent enough to rival any other band in the genre, particularly on songs like “Purified by Acausal Flames” and the commanding closer “The Bornless Forever”.

In general, “Stigmata Mali” is one of those releases that starts strong and never lets go. However, it is not all linear and dull as there are plenty of crafty tempo changes, sinister ‘melodic’ passages, and relentless diverse vocals. Funeral Winds might not be the most polished band in the scene, but they make up with intensity, brutality, and solid songwriting skills to keep things interesting and crushing.

Band: Funeral Winds Album: Stigmata Mali

Label: Osmose Productions

Release: February 24th, 2023

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Netherlands/Czech Republic

Rating: 92/100

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