Memoriam - Rise to Power (2023)


Fronted by Karl Willetts, Memoriam has consistently released in-your-face old-school Death Metal releases for a few years now, and with “Rise to Power” they continue leveling everything in their way. Featuring eight tracks and over 45 minutes of headbanging bliss, this release brings back nostalgic times while keeping up with the times with a superb production and a more melodic edge.

Opening with “Never Forget, Never Again (6 Million Dead)”, we get a high-octane track with punishing guitars and crafty drums, perfectly paired with Karl’s signature snarl. There are definitely some Bolt Thrower influences here and there, but the band zeroes in on heavy, well-crafted, and intense pieces like “Total War”, “I am the Enemy”, and the sinister “The Conflict Is Within” and its chuggy riffs.

The album turns darker and even more melodic as “Annihilations Dawn” and “All is Lost” come around, with Scott Fairfax unleashing some crafty guitars and Frank Healy thumping at the bass guitar to create a powerful combination. One of the best elements of this release has to be the diversity between each track, as they never get dull or blend together, with each one having it’s own personality and levels of intensity.

Closing with the album title track (our favorite song of the album), and the neck snapping “This Pain”, Memoriam manages to unleash one of the best traditional Death Metal releases of 2023. The highly experienced set of musicians behind this band certainly know what they are doing and deliver an unrivaled set of bangers in this release. If you are a fan of old-school DM and are ready to headbang non-stop, get a copy of this release.

Band: Memoriam Album: Rise to Power

Label: Reaper Entertainment

Release: February 3rd, 2023

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Genre: Death Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 92/100

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