Grift - Vilsna andars utmark (2022)


Delivering to solemn and very well crafted Folk/Neofolk tracks, today we have Sweden’s Grift and their latest 7-inch “Vilsna andars utmark”. While fans of Black Metal and DSBM will not find what they are looking for here, this is still a very eclectic and moody release that quite fits Erik Gärdefors style of calmer and yet dark and sinister music.

The first side unravels “Det gröna guldet”, with a mysterious opening, evoking some Empyrium-esque (folk side) mood and atmosphere. The solemn guitars are quite subtle and nicely blend with the dreamy male vocals and its restrained tempo. On the other side of this 7” we have “Furukatedralen”, a piece perfect to enjoy during a hike in the woods due to its magical atmosphere and mixture of vocal styles.

We enjoy bands like Dornenreich, Empyrium, Tenhi, and Of the Wand and the Moon, so Grift is a good addition to that rotation. With each release Erik Gärdefors unveils different layers of the band’s sound and ethos and we greatly enjoy it. If you want a calming and mysterious release, this is certainly a good addition to your collection.

Band: Grift Album: Vilsna andars utmark

Label: Nordvis Produktion

Release: November 4th, 2022

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Genre: Folk/Neofolk

Country: Sweden

Rating: 92/100

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