Doodswens - Lichtvrees (2021)


Unleashing hellish fury all the way from the Netherlands, today we have up-and-coming Black Metal duo Doodswens and their debut full-length release “Lichtvrees”. With a sound reminiscent of 90’s Black Metal with modern production values, this outfit delivers over 36 minutes of high-octane music that will surely propel them to bigger stages over the coming years. With a very raw and yet basic core, this release is both punishing and engaging.

Opening with the brutal onslaughts of “In Mijn Bloed”, the band sets a very enigmatic mood as the track slowly treads in more atmospheric and slower territories as it evolves. This bleeds into the beginning of the hypnotic “Zwarte Staar”, a 7-minute piece that slowly builds with incisive riffs and crafty percussion. This song showcases the band’s more atmospheric and slower paced side of their sound, will still creating eerie soundscapes that can transform into bestial fast-paced onslaughts at a moment’s notice.

With a Burzum-esque edge, “Eindzicht” and “Het Zwartewaterland” continue down the rabbit hole with dissonant atmospherics and piercing guitar work. We particularly enjoy Fraukje van Burg's harsh vocals as they brilliantly fit the drawn-out pace of the most atmospheric sections, while keeping things punishing when used in faster-paced environments, as in the short-but-swift “IJsheiligen”.

Closing with the two-part album title track, the first movement is heavy and yet quite melodic, providing for ample headbanging action, while the atmospheric second part eases the listener back into the ether. Overall, “Lichtvrees” is one hell of a debut release from this duo, which by the way happens to be a pair of hard rocking women that are ready to kick ass and take names. Be on the lookout for their eerie live shows as well, as we saw them at Soulcrusher 2021 and they deliver a great set.

Band: Doodswens Album: Lichtvrees

Label: Svart Records

Release: December 3rd, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 93/100

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