Shadows - Shadows (2021)


When it comes to weird and out of the ordinary music, we are always on looking for the next weirdest thing. Today, via Agonia Records, we have Shadows and their self-titled debut EP. Led by Alex Bouks of Incantation and Goreaphobia fame, this band unleashes a very intoxicating and unique release with a blend of musical styles within Metal and bordering with Rock and Goth elements.

Opening with the somber “Ghosts of Old”, we get an interesting mixture of crafty drumming, firm riffs and a very moody tempo. The clean vocals remind us a bit of the band EverEve, with a certain twang added to them. The album’s atmosphere is quite dark and enjoyable as tracks like “Shadows”, “Night of the Goat Winter Moon”, and “Elders” have a nice mixture of warm and fuzzy psychedelic distortion with engaging tempo changes and very solemn vocals.

With a heavier and more sinister pace, “Sea of Dust” even has a slight Black Metal-esque edge that suddenly turns in a Type O Negative direction, making it one of the most unique and engaging tracks in this release. Saving the weirdest for last, “Ancient Eyes”, which has a more ethereal and hypnotic pace. Overall, Shadows and their very unique music are certainly pushing the boundaries of Metal/Rock. With a cohesive and yet strange sound, this EP has great replay value.

Band: Shadows Album: Shadows

Label: Agonia Records

Release: February 26th, 2021

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Genre: Experimental/Dark Metal/Rock

Country: USA

Rating: 92/100

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