Wømb - Here, The World Falls… (2020)


As one of the few stragglers from 2020, today we have Portugal’s Wømb and their massively dissonant demo “Here, The World Falls…”. Featuring a completely crushing and cavernous sound, this demo release showcases four tracks filled with intensity and brutality. While the band has never released a full-length album, they probably should due to the sheer level of chaos unleashed by this release

Opening with the vicious “Abraxas in Ecstasy”, we get a blistering onslaught of crafty drums and buzz-saw like guitars. The vocals are as visceral as you can imagine, drawing comparisons to Vanum and Fell Voices. However, the best feature of this release has to be the superb lo-fi sound, making songs like “ Great Mother of Destruction, Time and Death” be just ravaging and vicious.

Filled with hate and savagery, “Kalika” unleashes waves of incisive riffs for a crushing duration of over six intense minutes. Each song has its own magic and while the band’s raw BM sound might seem standard, they take brutality to a whole new level with pummeling pieces like “Finis Mundi”. We particularly enjoy the throbbing bass guitar line, paired with even more crushing riffs and vocals.

Overall, “Here, The World Falls…” is one hell of a punishing demo release. We are huge fans of raw and brutal, and Wømb certainly ticks those boxes while creating a very encompassing and punishing sound of their own. If you like brutality and savage riffing, look no further and get yourself a copy of this demo.

Band: Wømb Album: Here, The World Falls…

Label: Purodium Rekords

Release: December 25th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Portugal

Rating: 90/100

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