Insidious Disease - After Death (2020)


Unleashing a very engaging barrage of old-school Death Metal sickness, today we have all-star band Insidious Disease and their sophomore release “After Death”. Featuring Tony Laureano, Shane Embury, Silenoz, Marc Grewe, and Terje Andersen, this band takes you down memory lane with crunchy DM antics filled with crafty guitar work and excellent drumming, I mean, what can you expect with such a stacked line-up.

The band quickly chugs away with the catchy “Soul Excavation”, instantly reminding the listener of the old days of bands like Morgoth and Asphyx, but with a slightly sharper production. The riffing onslaught, courtesy of Silenoz and Cyrus, perfectly creates that mean and punishing attitude of earlier Death Metal as heard on the pummeling “Betrayer” and “Divine Fire”. For those looking into dramatic leads, “Unguided Immortality” gives a bit of Swedish DM flair, similar to bands like Grave and Centinex, with a slightly more melodic and headbanging edge.

It is quite evident the band is having fun and having superbly skilled musicians like Laureano and Shane Embury, makes songs like “Born into Bondage” and “An End Date For The World” feel like a bag of bricks to the head. We particularly enjoy how vicious and punishing is the band’s sound, and while it has a nice and melodic edge to it, tracks like “Nefarious Atonement” are just brilliant. Perfectly blending old-school aggression with a modern melancholy.

Closing with the hectic “Secret Sorcery”, the band wraps up one hell of an intense release. While their music and approach is old-school, there are certain modern touches that give “After Death” that fresh and pummeling attitude that the genre commands. If you like Death Metal and love both the classics and some of the more modern stuff, Insidious Disease is a band you can’t miss out on.

Band: Insidious Disease Album: After Death

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: October 30th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Death Metal

Country: International

Rating: 92/100

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