Kryptamok - Verisaarna (2020)


Arriving to our review queue at the start of the pandemic craziness, we almost didn’t get to fully enjoy to Kryptamok’s debut full-length release “Verisaarna”. Being huge fans of Finnish Black Metal, this would have been a great mistake as this release unleashes nearly 40 minutes of raw traditional BM that oozes brutality and punishment. Led by Hex Inferi (ex-Horna), this project is straight to the point and savage with their musical execution.

Leading with the chaotic onslaughts of “Loputon, Totaalinen Sota”, this band means serious business as the incisive guitar riffs lead to punkish drumming, flanked by a vicious snarl. We particularly enjoy how old-school synths add a comfortable level of atmospherics to this and other tracks like the pummeling “Apokalypsin Epilooki”, and the headbanging inducing “Saastan Rekviemi”. Without the need for anything fancy, Krptamok creates a very hellish sound that balances brutality and melody.

For genre-purists, “Susien Äitee”, “Pimeyden Tyranni”, and “Rottien Reformaatio”, unleash a barrage of killer guitar riffs that set a very retro and yet devastating mood. This last track in particular creates a very sinister atmosphere with its keyboards that is further elevated by the use of hellish clean vocal arrangements and a sickening pace. Like a journey to the depths of hell, “Tämä on enne ja Kuolema sen Lupau” is our favorite track in this release thanks to its raw and brutal nature.

As the album title track closes this release, we are eager to replay it all over again. Kryptamoks is a vicious entity with a hyper focused vision that is perfectly executed in “Verisaarna”. Black Metal can’t get any more vicious and brutal than this, highly recommended for fans of bands like Horna, Sargeist, Archgoat, etc.

Band: Kryptamok Album: Verisaarna

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: May 30th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 92/100

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