Uerberos - Stand over Your Grave (2020)


Delivering a blistering onslaught of crushing Death Metal, today we have Uerberos and their brutal sophomore release “Stand over Your Grave”. Hailing from Poland, this outfit delivers crushing intensity paired with a crystal clear production that makes these nearly 40-minutes and nine tracks feel like a bag of bricks to the head.

Roaring at the listener since the first song, “Levitation”, the band’s intensity delivers waves of punishing chugging riffs, catchy hooks and firm growls. With great finesse and ravaging brutality tracks like “Ruthless Execution”, “Beautiful Crimson of Your Blood”, and “Flaming Darkness”, deliver a masterful combination of hectic drumming, a pulsating bass guitar line, and tons of brilliant moshing moments. It is quite refreshing to hear such a young band deliver expertly crafted songs that are both engaging and destructive.

The album’s viciousness is relentless as tracks like “Putrescine” and “To Make You Suffer!” are clear examples of just how intense this release is. The Uerberos manages to craft music that is well arranged, brutally delivered, crafty and clean, making them one of the best new coming Death Metal bands we have heard in quite a while. If you are ready for some bone-crushing moshing and an evening of headbanging, be sure to get a copy of “Stand over Your Grave”.

Band: Uerberos Album: Stand over Your Grave

Label: Godz ov War Productions

Release: July 6th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Poland

Rating: 93/100

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