Förgjord - Laulu kuolemasta (2020)


As yet another killer release out of Finland’s underground, today we have Förgjord and their latest opus “Laulu kuolemasta”. Spewing over 45 minutes of raw and frosty Black Metal, this three-man battalion delivers both intensity and that old-school lo-fi sound that purists of the genre are always looking for. Released via Werewolf productions, this marks yet another stunning release from this label that offers a window to some of the most punishing and exciting bands in the genre.

The band’s full effect is instantly felt with the riveting “Laulu Murtuvan Niskan” and its punishing intensity. The band’s hyper fast and raw style reminds us of the early days of BM with bands like Fimbulwinter, Isvind and Tsjuder. Perfectly blending incisive guitar devilness with crafty tempo changes and an overall chaotic harshness, songs like “Ihtiriekko”, the mysterious “Surman Virta”, and the sinister “Kostonhetki”, have that old-school vibe and naivety that the genre has been missing for a while.

Our personal favorite is the Immortal-esque “Kylmyys” and its Black’n’Roll/Punk edge. However, we also appreciate the bizarre atmosphere of pieces like “Polkuni Päässä” and the bipolarness of “Kaksi Kiveä”. As the perfect soundtrack for a trip to the woods at night, “Kaksi Kiveä” and “Ruotta” unleash unrivaled fury and intensity while crafting very creepy and unique atmospherics to create a very dissonant and cavernous vibe.

Closing with the pummeling “Veljessurma”, we are truly blown away by the band’s viciousness and mastery of their trade. With a very simple core and just a few atmospheric embellishments, “Laulu kuolemasta” is one of those blistering releases that keep you engaged and headbanging from start to end. While not as linear and traditional as old-school releases, the band manages to find a perfect balance between their roots and some experimentation to deliver punishing songs.

Band: Förgjord Album: Laulu kuolemasta

Label: Werewolf Records

Release: June 26th, 2020

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 91/100

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