Glaciation - Ultime éclat (2020)


As a surprise to a lot of people and behind some controversy, today we have the return of Glaciation with the savage “Ultime éclat”. Re-formed by Hreidmarr, and without permission from Valnoir, this incarnation of the band delivers one of the most intense and ravaging Black Metal releases of the year. Focusing only on the music and not the drama, this album delivers seven brutal pieces of music that perfectly deliver that 90’s French BM vibe and bring back memories of outfits like Anorexia Nervosa.

Leading with the album title track, the band sets a very macabre vibe as it layers guitars and blistering drums around the intense vocals of Hreidmarr. The different instruments come together perfectly to deliver a blend of brutal melancholy that is incisive and violent, as tracks like “Le rivage” punish the listener with relentless aural attacks, mixed in with dramatic melancholic passages. Oozing melody, other tracks like “Et puis le soufre” magically weave back and forth from pummeling rawness and somber vocal arrangements.

Crafty arrangements on songs like “Acta est fabula” create a very powerful mix of elements, and very memorable tracks. The addition of Katia von Wasgau on bass (and piano and mellotron), gives the band that extra level of depth with on some songs, allowing their sound to expand and be less predictable. New guitarists Arnhwald and A. Sethnacht, unleash and intense barrage of punishing riffs that nicely transition into melodic passages, the later also handles the clean male vocals which make the music even more epic, for example in the emotive “Vers le zéro absolu”.

With the instruments all recorded live, and the addition of guests like Cecil G. and I. Luciferia, the album has a very raw and pummeling sound to it. “Ultime éclat” is indeed an excellent Black Metal release that combines elements new and old and brings a certain nostalgic feeling with it. With such a brutal release at hand, we wish Glaciation would do some live show to support it, until then, we can only play this album over and over to satiate our thirst.

Band: Glaciation Album: Ultime éclat

Label: Osmose Productions

Release: February 28th, 2020

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 94/100

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