Lunacy - My Favourite Dreams (2019)


Returning with a dreamy Deampop/Shoegaze release, today we have Lunacy and their sophomore release “My Favourite Dreams”. Hailing from Belarus, this band delivers wave of moody music perfectly paired with lush female vocals. As one of our favorite singers, Morena, elevates Lunacy’s music to ethereal realms thanks to her subtle and fragile singing style. If you are a fan of bands like Amesoeurs and Malenuit, you cannot afford to miss out on this release.

Opening with the lush “Paints and Pictures”, the mood is set to be quite lively with Pop-ish arrangements and very melodic vocals. The surprise in this track is that out of nowhere we are treated to BM screams and a Alcest-like tempo change that perfectly contrasts this unique song. Building up on the ethereal vibe the release has, “The Road” has that Post-punk/Synth Pop edge that very few bands can pull off authentically.

In a more alternative rock fashion, but well aligned with their first release, “The Gathering” is yet another stand-out track with solid tempo changes and playful guitar arrangements. Covering a wide range of styles and influences, tracks like “In the Light” and “Prophecy” keep the listener fully engaged as you never know what catchiness or extra influences you will find next. With a very loungey feeling, “A Silver Lining” has to be one of our favorite songs thanks to the dramatic acoustic guitars and killer tempo.

As the release comes to a close with the bombastic “Reflection” and its lush piano arrangements, we are quite impressed with the quality of the release and how engaging all tracks are. Being completely hypnotized by Morena’s siren chants and the crafty instrumentation of this release, we can’t wait to hear how the band evolves over time. If you are looking for a lush and engaging female lead dreamy release, this is the album to buy in 2019.

Band: Lunacy Album: My Favourite Dreams

Label: Valse Sinistre

Release: November 25th, 2019

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Genre: Dreampop / Shoegaze / Depressive Rock

Country: Belarus

Rating: 94/100

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