Ardours - Last Place on Earth (2019)


From the minds of Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania) and Kris Laurent, Ardours is a very unique band mixing Gothic Rock, New Wave and 80’s influences in a very mellow and engaging style that will certainly appeal to all fans of bands like The Gathering, Tristania, Theater of Tragedy, etc. Delivering ten tracks and over 40 minutes of superbly catchy music, “Last Place on Earth” is a killer debut release from this very promising outfit.

The album leads with the lush 80’s/New Wave synths of “What Else is There”, and as the guitar come on, the listener is fully drawn into the band’s unique musical world. Building up on the opener’s momentum, Mariangela’s vocals are a perfect fit for the overall gothic vibe built in songs like “Catabolic” and the extremely catchy album title track. Just imagine a band like Lacrimas Profundere with a bit of Depeche Mode and Solar Flake mixed in.

One of our absolute favorite tracks in this release is the playful “Design” and its superbly catchy sections. With that The Gathering-esque edge to it, this song is both heavy and atmospheric enough to be played on repeat for hours on end. For those looking for more mellow and vocal driven songs, “The Mist” and “Therefore I Am” are two excellent tracks that set a very melancholic mood.

Deviating from Mariangela’s sound with Tristania, Ardours delivers mastefully crafted songs filled with melancholy, catchiness and lush atmospheric elements. Kris Laurent does a great job in creating music that perfectly complements Mariangela’s sultry vocals and “Last Place on Earth” is a testament to it. If you like Female-fronted Gothic Rock/Alternative music, this is a release you can’t afford to miss.

Bands: Ardours Album: Last Place on Earth

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

Release: August 9th, 2019

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Genre: Gothic Rock/Metal

Country: International

Rating: 92/100

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