Délétère - Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum (2019)


Keeping their momentum going, Sepulchral Productions Délétère unleash “Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum”, a 20 minute EP that continues to demonstrate the unholy abilities of this outfit to deliver bone chilling Black Metal. If their 2018 release “De Horae Leprae” wasn’t enough, the three tracks in this EP create a certain harrowing vibe that only a handful of BM bands can create. If you are a BM fan and haven’t heard from these guys, you are completely missing out.

Opening with the “Theovoratoris Aduentus”, the band sets an eerie atmosphere early on with raw keyboards, and suddenly explodes into all out war with pummeling drums, intense riffs and crushing vocals. The band’s sound is far from linear, and as the opener continues to progress, we are treated to creepy melodic passages that are both haunting and intoxicating. We are big suckers for Black Metal that you can headbang and enjoy due to its melodic nature, and “Babel Insanifusor” delivers just this. This track features a more organic and stripped down sound that will send shivers down your spine.

Closing with “Milites Pestilentiae III - Babylonia Magnissima”, Atheos and Thorleïf demonstrate how a simple musical core and good ideas can create some killer and disturbing music, without the need to copy other bands or play the same song over and over. Délétère is one of those rare bands that delivers music that is both crushing and creatively crafted to keep listeners always wanting more and constantly headbanging.

Bands: Délétère Album: Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum

Label: Sepulchral Productions

Release: May 18th, 2019

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 95/100

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