Beyond Creation - Algorythm (2018)


Hailing from Canada, today we have Progressive/Technical Death Metal outfit Beyond Creation and their refreshing third full-length release “Algorythm”. While some bands focus on playing faster and more complex just for the sake of it, this band focuses on crafting unique songs which perfectly blend in the technical aspect with the brutality and melody of their sound. Clocking in at over 50 minutes in this, this is one album that fans of outfits like Obscura, Hour of Penance, etc., cannot miss.

After setting a very futuristic mood with the opener “Disenthrall”, the band jumps head first with the blistering speed of “Entre suffrage et mirage”. Featuring a playful bass guitar line and killer guitar leads, this song quickly reminds us of Obscura, but with a slighter more progressive and melodic edge. With a dreamy tone, “Surface's Echoes”, showcases the band’s versatility and focus on crafting interesting melodies rather than just pummeling through notes. Do not get us wrong, this track does feature some killer musical acrobatics and tempo changes, but they feel a lot more organic than with other bands.

Like a heavy metal lullaby, “Ethereal Kingdom” is one hell of a melodic masterpiece that slowly builds up and delivers some killer melodic riffs alongside heavy growls and tons of headbanging moments. As one of the best songs in this release, the album title track unleashes a barrage of intricate tempo changes and crafty elements that make it one of the more dramatic and yet in a way improvisational-feeling tracks in this release.

For those looking for merciless headbanging action, “In Adversity” and “The Inversion” have just the right stuff for you. As the album winds down, “Binomial Structures” delivers son killer guitar leads in duet with an awesome bass guitar line, and “The Afterlife” ends the release on a crushing note with plenty of instrument acrobatics in a very mellow and engaging package. Overall, “Algorythm” is an insane release from Beyond Creation. Puting melody over extreme musicianship, this band clearly stands out from the crowd of Technical/Progressive Death Metal outfits.

Bands: Beyond Creation Album: Algorythm

Label: Season of Mist

Release: October 12th, 2018

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Genre: Technical/Progressive Death Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 92/100

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