Valkyrja - Throne Ablaze (2018)


This year has been a great one in terms of killer Black Metal releases, but before we all go making our top albums of the year lists, Sweden’s Valkyrja states their case with their latest full-lenght “Throne Ablaze”. Featuring over 46 minutes of Dissection-style Black Metal, this album instantly grabs the listener’s attention with a mixture of gritty and yet melodic elements in a very refined and expertly crafted package. For those that like Black Metal to be punishing and yet inspiring, this is a release you can’t miss.

After a mood setting intro track, the band instantly wages war with “Crowned Serpent”. Providing a certain old-school Black/Death Metal vibe, this song is filled with riveting guitar leads and crunchy tempo changes. As “Opposer of Light” comes on, the mood shifts into Black-n-Roll’ish elements with piercing riffs and a sinister tone. The band’s ability to transmit aggression through their music is quite evident on crushing songs like “Tombs Into Flesh”, a track filled with hate and well introduced melodic passages, creating a very unique and intense musical experience.

Things move into more methodically decadent territories with the playful riffing of “Halo of Lies”, a song that is quite melodic in nature. Our Dissection radar was triggered with the masterful “Paradise Lost” and its epic rhythm guitars. Guitarist Simon Wizén has crafted very fine and engaging riffs for this release as songs like “Transcendental Death” showcase, particularly when accompanied by Victor Parri masterful drumming.

Saving the most melodic and sinister piece for last, the album’s title track has that certain evil vibe that bands like Satyricon and Watain effortlessly weave into their music. As the closing piece, we are left completely ravaged and wanting more from Valkyrja. With very cohesive and nicely refined sound, “Throne Ablaze” is one of those albums that while sounding familiar, takes the genre into darker territories. Highly recommended for fans of Black Metal that are looking for exciting bands that expand the boundaries of the genre.

Bands: Valkyrja Album: Throne Ablaze

Label: World Terror Committee

Release: November 26th, 2018

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 92/100

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